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IRB Newsletter: August 2023 Edition

August 23, 2023

Topics this month:

  • Change to IRB Stamping of Single/Central IRB-acknowledged Informed Consent Forms
  • Submitting a Change of Personnel?
  • Human Subjects Protections Training Must Be Renewed Every Three (3) Years
  • The NIH Hosts an "All About Grants Podcasts" series designed for Investigators

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IRB Newsletter: July 2023 Edition

July 15, 2023

Topics this month:

  • Does your research involve Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
  • Questions about your IRB submission? Reach out to your IRB analyst directly for answers!

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IRB Newsletter: June 2023 Edition

June 15, 2023

Topics this month:

  • Announcing the 2023-2024 Monthly Education and Training Series (METS) Curriculum
  • What is this new WCM Assent Template?
  • When do I need to use the new WCM Assent Template?

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Important Reminder from the IRB

June 7, 2023

Read the important reminder here

Use of the new Informed Consent Templates are required as of Monday, June 12th

Special Announcement: New Determination Letters

May 19, 2023

Read the special announcement here

WRG IRB Determination Letters Have a New Look! 

We are delighted to announce the successful redesign of our WRG IRB Determination Letters, aimed at providing you with a cleaner, simpler, easier-to-understand determination letter. 

Special Announcement: New ICF Templates are here!

May 17, 2023

As part of our continued efforts to improve the IRB application and review process, we have developed new ICF templates that address the issues identified by you, our researchers:

Different templates have been created for different types of studies (SBER, Biomed, etc.)

IRB Newsletter: April 2023 Edition

April 15, 2023

Topics this month:

  • Reminder: Sign up for the next training
  • Conducting an Industry-Sponsored, Industry-Initiated Trial?
  • Attention: Researchers with NIH-funded Trials
  • Other News from Regulatory Agencies
  • Did you know? We have a growing library of Training and Educational Videos

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IRB Newsletter: March 2023 Edition

March 16, 2023

Topics this month:

  • Join us for tomorrow's METS: Submitting an IRB Application, A Step-by-Step Guide
  • Speaking of Submitting an IRB Application...
  • New Guidance Documents are Available!
  • If you can't join us for our METS, go to our website!
  • WRG Reminder: Certify Your Submissions

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IRB Newsletter: February 2023 Edition

February 15, 2023

Topics this month:

  • Conducting an industry-sponsored, industry-initiated study?
  • Conducting an investigator-initiated study?
  • Working with protected health information (PHI)?

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IRB Newsletter: January 2023 Edition

January 15, 2023

Topics this month:

  • The WCM IRB is more efficient than ever! Make us your #1 choice for your study submissions!
  • Did you know? The PRMC is not part of the IRB
  • Spotlight on the Center for Cultural Humility (CHUM)

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